2020 Early Harvest Yarra Valley Frantoio Olive Oil

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Stefani Estate prefers to early harvest olives when colour ratio is 60% green to 40% black in colour. This produces an oil of low extraction in quantity but higher in polyphenols and antioxidants which increases shelf life of the oil.


Fruit was harvested from the 7th to 11th May 2020 in Healesville, Yarra Valley, Victoria.

3.5 tonnes of fruit was picked and cold pressed producing 380 litres of fresh olive oil with excellent qualities. Stefani Estate olive oil is sent to Modern Olives laboratory for analysis and results have remained consistent over the past 10 years as that attached, with oleic acid at 0.13% [m/m] below 0.8g which truly classifies is as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

After crushing, oil is immediately poured into vacuum sealed stainless steel tanks. Any sediment that settles is separated from oil after decanting. This process minimizes intervention and produces a high quality tasting extra virgin olive oil.

Oil is packaged in 500ml food-grade tins which eliminates exposure to light, heat and moisture.

Blend of sage & walnut flavours with a peppery finish are evident in this oil.

Best Before: April 2024.


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